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Amazon.com customer service phone number


I reluctantly love Amazon.com.
I say reluctantly because while I marvel at, drool over and worship their technical and marketing pioneering achievements -- if something ever goes wrong with an order - I am usually hosed.

I'm savvy enough to figure out and resolve most "user" errors so when I get a problem - it's usually a fairly serious one, and one that isn't going to be easily resolved by a well meaning copy-paste boilerplate intern at the email help desk. That and I don't generally want to wait for the multiple iterations it takes to finally get someone with more advanced knowledge to look at the issue. (Most of the email questions they get are of the simple "how come I can't see my cart" variety, for which the existing system generally works fine).

I don't order tons from Amazon, but I do order now and again, and unfortunately I've had problems a few times. And never have I been able to find a customer service phone number (they don't want us to find it). So I'm always forced to use the marginally-effective email support.

But today, I found it. The Amazon.com customer service phone number. And I present it here for my own future reference, and for yours.


My unsolicited suggestions for Amazon.
At least include that phone number in the body of the message of the first email support reply. So if your email support proves unhelpful, I can use that number and get to the bottom of the matter using a more efficient means of communication. This would allow you to knock out the 80% of problems that can be solved with a simple email boilerplate response, but still keep me from cussing you, canceling and heading over to Barnes and Noble when the issue takes some genuine thinking and communicating to resolve. I know this would mean some of your email folks would have to be on the phones, and I know this means you would probably need more support people. Sorry.



Thanks for the phone#. Any idea what their email customerservice
is. I could not find on their website.. its probably obscured. thanks in advance


Unfortunately I have no (free) access to this number from Germany at all and Amazon in Germany does not have a freecall-number, just an expensive 01805 (costs about 10cents a minute which is as much as 6 times! as much as a long distance call costs here and they don’t provide a “normal” phone-number so you have to pay those high rates - they are even getting money this way if you call them for support - a totally lack of support in Germany, but that’s unfortunately also usual here - Germany is a “service desert” mostly) - but I’m continously looking - maybe some day they are registering a free call number in Germany as well (even if I don’t think so).

Greetings David.

PS: Please don’t be angry about my english, it’s not my native language, thanks.




On May 29, 2004 I ordered two Anolon fry pans from Amazon.com. What I got on July 12th, was one fry pan and one pillow that was supposed to go to someone in Texas. Went online to amazon.com on 07/12 and requested correct fry pan and postage mailer to mail back pillow. Got correct fry pan on July 31 but no mailer. Asked several times via website for mailer. They sent second fry pan. No mailer. Inquired via email and telephone for mailer several times. Promised mailer never came. Mailed back extra fry pan and pillow via USPS at a $25.86 cost to me. No reimbursement from Amazon.

Will never do business with Amazon again. Will tell all my friends, neighbours, relatives, and strangers to the day I die about experience and tell them not to do business with Amazon. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here's some telephone # and mailing address info for Amazon if you (what a horrible concept!) need it.

For Wireless Phone products:
• Amazon.com
• 1728 Briercroft Ct.
• Carrollton, TX 75006
For out-of-print books:
• Amazon.com
• 549 South Dawson St.
• Seattle, WA 98108
For all other products:
• Amazon.com - Returns
• 1850 Mercer Rd., Suite 100
• Lexington, KY 40511-1013
Meanwhile, here are a few useful contact numbers for Amazon:
Amazon US Customer Service
1.800.201.7575 (Toll free, US and Canada)
1.206.346.2992 or (Outside US and Canada)
1.877.586.3230 (Canada only)
Amazon UK Customer Service
Phone: +44.208.636.9200

When all else fails: 1.800.555.1212 (General toll-free information for the US)


Hello ...

quick question ...did anyone ever find the best way to contact Germany Amazon customer service... I am afraid a vendor is going to try to screw me ...for over 830 Euros! thanks again

jcanning gdf

I have even tried the UK number and they are not to be found anywhere.

Deleting orders that were in the wish list seemed easy enough, untill the next week I recived 3 books at a price of £70.00!

I only ordered 1.
Being a "Customer orintated company" why don't they have a ******g phone number!

John Cosgrove

Order #701-8338796-8195513 "In Dreams: Greatest Hits was shipped to me
28 Sept. Not received. Please do something about it.

Carson McComas

Um, John.

You might have better luck contacting Amazon if your order was placed with them. In fact, you'll note at the top of this page that I offer a handy little phone number where you can reach them directly. Cheers.


Thanks for the phone number.
After hours on the website, it just took a few minutes on the phone to finally get my account credited for a shipment that never arrived.
You gottal love the internet.

Jay Pelren

This is the second time that I have had a problem with AMAZON.com

This is also the second time that I have asked the service rep to speak to a manager and they act as if I just asked them to take there clothes off for me. Instead of getting me a manager they argue with me and try to reason. Then they tell me that a manager will call me back in a couple hours, which of course never happens.

What a Crock.....Customer service should be #1

Shouldn't it?

D.J. Strater

I too have had a problem with Amazon. I haven’t bought a lot from them, but the last time I did this is what happened. On 04/12/2005 I made my selection and proceeded to check out. I decided to pay by having them take the payment out of my savings account. I entered the routing number and account number and hit the button. No problem, no problem expected, they ship the books. On 04/17/2006 I got a call from a collection agency (Citergy ?)saying that I gave them a closed account number. I told them that this is the number I have always used for all other online payments (Pay Pal, Life Insurance etc...)It turns out they pay Amazon and then collect from suckers like me. I spent $28.00 for books and it was going to cost me another $25.00 to settle with the Citergy people. I called Amazon and they think I am great because I don't owe them any money. They told my to mark the box "Return to Sender" and that then they would have to refund the Collection people. I will wait to see if this happens. I am pretty sure it won't work as smooth as everyone thinks. If my bank wouldn't honor the payment, then per Amazon's instructions, Amazon.com should have contacted me for arrange for another payment option. They never did...they just sent it to collections. I told Amazon that they lost a customer. I doubt they care since they won't even list a phone number on their website.


I ordered a cordless phone on April 1st 2006, and still have yet to receive the phone....every week Amazon pushes delivery date another couple weeks....I am at the moment hoping for delivery in late July 2006. Thanks for the phone number...I will try that next week to complain. This will definately be my last purchase from Amazon.Com after years of faithful patronage.

Guess the April fools joke was on me, but it will be the last Amazon ever plays on this net savvy shopper.


DJ Strater, I don't see your problem...if the money was never taken out of the checking account, what does it matter if you write a check to the collections agency or to amazon.com? it costs you the same either way.

Ken, the reason why they never sent you the return mailer is becuase they don't care. the last time they screwed up my order (i ordered a set of six glasses, they sent one), they refunded my money and told me to keep the glass. for many small items it costs them more to send the mailer than the item costs itself. (they have overhead costs on top of the mailer cost and the negotiate extrememly cheap prices on many things)

The service stinks. They say they are customer centric but that's a farce. They don't actually seem to read the content of emails you send them,and they promise things on the phone that they don't deliver. "customer centris" ha.


Does Amazon have a branch address in the UK?

Shelby McNease

I hate I ever heard the word Amazon.com.That pretty much says it all

Brian Doherty

Thank you for the info. I ordered a DVD at the beginning of June. They flew it from DES PLAINES IL US to BELL CA US (to the west coast) on June 7, so that they could truck it over to me in Cambridge MA (east coast!). I was being patient until it arrived, but one day after the last estimated date of delivery they finally updated the system: carrier mis-sorted the product. Okay, mistakes happen. So I waited again. DVD made it to Springfield, MA on the 22nd. Then for some reason it's back in Bell, CA on the 25th. What did they mistakenly send? An empty cardboard box? Anyway, there are cracks in the Amazon distribution system that literally span the entire US! Maybe this is their way of saying "you want free shipping? Well, we'll teach you the hard way!" I have to say they did teach me. The impact on me has been significant, because I keep having to delay my promise to my friends about a get together at my place. My credibility to deliver has been hampered. One the other hand, maybe I should have known from the Amazon image. The Amazon river system, after all, is a big quagmire full of dangers. Maybe you can survive if you know all the dangers, but I'm just one relatively powerless consumer. What a mess.

From now on, I will seriously consider paid shipping, but order with other vendors. In fact, I think I will be quite happy to pay that extra $5 as a one finger salute to the muddled channels of Amazon.


thank you SO much for this. i've been surfing the amazon website like crazy trying to get this number, and then i finally just googled it and was fwd'ed to your page!!!

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