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Take a cookie when they're passed

Bnoopy's little gem today. Per usual for Bnoopy, some great advice. I've been thinking about this a great deal lately. And in fact, I've been thinking a great deal about what it is that I do for a living.

Am I a web developer?
An Internet marketing consultant?
A programmer?
A web page designer?

Well... the answer is yes.

But, while that list covers a few of the more time consuming things I do, it's not comprehensive. Somehow it dances around what I do, without really hitting it.

Like if you asked a surgeon what he does and he said "I cut people open and remove bad stuff or fix things." Yes he does those things, but somehow that doesn't really tell the right story.

So I've been thinking.

And I think what I am is... an entrepreneur.

That list of items represents my following opportunity. Or my taking a cookie when they're passed. But what I really am is an entrepreneur.

Tomorrow I've got a group of young men coming to see me and learn about what I do for a living. In talking to the group leader he mentioned that I should talk to them about what kind of training or education they'd need if they want to do what I do.

And I'm not real sure how to answer that.

I have a BA degree in Communication, I've studied computer science extensively, I'm a voracious student of business... including devouring books, magazines, blogs, seminars etc. But I'm not sure that helps them understand what they’d need if they wanted to do what I do.

And I'm not real sure how to tell it.

I'm an entrepreneur. I look for opportunities. I try to make wise choices about which ones I pursue. I make a lot of mistakes. I follow what is interesting to me. I have a deep passion for what I do.

In the end... in addition to having a high degree of tolerance for risk... I think what I do is take a cookie when they're passed. Not perfectly. Not every time... not always when I should, and sometimes when I shouldn't... but as a career, that's what I do.

(Indeed there's a whole simmering layer of "stuff" that has little to do with the above list that will on occasion bubble to the surface.)

My career goals? To stay open minded about the cookies. Do an even better job at taking (and pursuing) the right cookie. And ultimately to help as many others as I can, recognize and take the cookie for themselves.


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