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Keg of water

This is why Seth Godin is my hero. Shortcuts.

I'm working with a (wonderful) client right now. They have a great business and are open to progressive thinking. However, they're also inclined to pursue shortcuts. When I'm frank with them about the only way to build a customer base, they look at me like I just brought a keg of water to the party.

I know it's not as exciting to build your customers one at a time - but it's also the only way that works, and lasts. I know it's hard. I know it's not what the other hucksters are telling you, but it's the truth and I owe it to you to give it to you straight.


David St Lawrence

Truly amazing how smart management can be so obtuse when it comes to understanding why customers buy.

Perhaps they were trained in the Procter and Gamble methodology and think that it applies to every marketplace.

What do your clients value in a customer relationship? Asking that would open some interesting avenues to explore.

Carson McComas

That's a great insight actually and a good way to have that conversation. I'm going to use that. Hopefully it's not just "their money."

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