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Business Blogging notes from PRSA & SPRC presentation

First: the slides.

Second: The outline

5 reasons to blog

  1. Creates a human connection - business is about people
  2. Helps spread marketing buzz - easy to spread on the Internet - take advantage!
  3. It helps search engine users find you
  4. It allows you to own (not control!) the conversation about you
  5. It positions you as an expert in your industry

5 ways to royally screw it up

  1. Let it become managed by you as PR professionals (it must have an authentic voice - that can not be faked. It also has to be fast, if you're vetting/polishing, it won't be).
  2. Use it as a promotional tool (don't endlessly promote yourself - remember, this isn't an advertisement, nor a captive audience)
  3. Be boring (have the CEO or similarly passionate and knowledgeable person do the blogging, not a hired PR gun)
  4. Have a high noise to signal ratio (stay on topic, every post counts)
  5. Be selfish (be generous and honest)

5 tips for getting started

  1. Use TypePad (link) (cheap, easy, excellent).
  2. Integrate it into your web site
  3. Get a head start (spend a month or 2 blogging before you launch - gives you time to practice, find voice, plus first visitors have something to read.)
  4. Read and study other blogs (helps you be a better blogger - see Technorati 100 - these are the most popular blogs, figure out why).
  5. Be patient (building a successful blog takes time, don't give up!)

Third: Notes that didn't make it into the presentation

Links of some (big name) business blogs:

Must read books (in order or importance):

Additional helpful links:

5 Bonus Tips - How to pitch to bloggers:

  1. Help them help their audience
  2. Help them look like an expert, and insider, a bigshot
  3. Don't make it hard (spoon feed it to them)
  4. Don't be "slick" - the backbone of blogging is authenticity, compromise this and you'll be ignored or (worse) reviled.
  5. Be moderately persistent. Bloggers have busy lives too - a second, final, friendly follow-up reminder - if you've obeyed 1-4 above - is fine.

If you have any questions or would like me to help your organization get started with blogging, drop me a line.

Note: slide deck css shamelessly stolen (then tweaked) from Jeremy Keith


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