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The right way to check your credit report

So I need to check my credit report, and there are way too many sites advertising on Google for me to believe that they offer a truly free service. When you compound that with the fact that I'm providing every bit of personal data possible, I'm uncomfortable. Well, this will still require you to put away the tin foil hat, but straight from the FTC, there is only one site that is the legit outlet for you to gain your free anual credit report. See the explanation, and the link here: The Federal Trade Commission's Information on Free Annual Credit Reports.

Note: they'll still try to sell you stuff on this site, but it's not the shark tank that the other guys are. Careful.



I just tried to go to the website they suggest, but one of them credit agencies asked me for information that I didn't have with me at work, and the other two let me submit all the information they asked for only to tell me that they can't give me my online credit report. What was the point of filling out all of that information if I was supposed to call or send snail mail in the first place?

Has anyone else had this problem?

Carson McComas

I was able to do all three without any snail mail. Within 15 min I had all 3 printed out. That's strange.

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