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Remaining Day Break episodes will be shown online

Bout flippin' time.

Screenshots of the TiVo interface for Comcast PVRs

Link: PVR Wire.

Quickie: AdWords vs AdCenter

I don't have enough evidence yet to draw conclusions about the quality of the traffic - but I do have a very quick opinion about the admin tool.

Let's take a scale of 1-10.
1 being Yahoo -- 10 being Google.

I'd put adCenter at a 6.5.

In spite of the nightmares I had signing up to use them - I have to say that the post-pain usage was moderately promising. They aren't AdWords by any stretch - but, they've ripped off enough from them to make it useful and have avoided enough of the Yahoo obtuseness that I didn't pull all my hair out and spit by the time I was done. More detailed review later.

Calling all Scrapbookers!

I need your help. If you, or anyone you know is into scrapbooking, particularly digital scrapbooking (but paper-based will work too) please drop me a line. I'm looking for a few brave testers to help out with a top secret project.

If you're interested, please email me at: , or leave a comment on this post.

I promise it won't take a lot of your time, and I bet you'll find it interesting. Initial feedback so far has been very positive.