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Super Juicy New Google AdWords Feature

Google is constantly innovating and improving their AdWords administration tools. Most enhancements are very nice to have - the one they added last week is extremely helpful.

As we know, part of Google's magic is providing relevant results. This extends to the advertising that appears on the search results pages (i.e. AdWords). They work very hard to reward relevant ads and penalize irrelevant ads so that only the most relevant show up for their visitors.

Guessing the right formula for appearing to Google like you have the most relevant ads can be tricky. The first (and most important) step of course is to choose relevant keywords, write relevant ads, and have a relevant site on the other end. 

But that's not always enough. And even when it does work you're often left with a nagging feeling that you're overpaying for clicks because you haven't convinced the Google algorithm that you're as relevant as you really are.

Additionally -- with increasing frequency, Google is cranking up the difficulty of getting a good Quality Score (Quality Score determines how much you pay for clicks and (indirectly) where you appear on the search results page).

So the trick becomes -- how do you read Google's mind about how relevant your keywords + ads are?

Well, they just gave us a huge help: They now reveal the Quality Score for each keyword.

Here's how it works:

First - you need to enable the reporting. It's not on by default, but you can easily turn it on.

  1. Go to an Ad Group page
  2. At the top look for this link:


  3. Click the link and select Show Quality Score



Once enabled, you'll see a new column added to your report. "Quality Score"
There are 3 Quality Score status possibilities.







As you can see from the screen capture examples here, Quality Score has a tremendous impact on your bid price.

Of course knowing what your Quality Score is is only part of the battle. However, with this new intel, tweaking your keywords, ads, and site to get that score up just got much easier.

p.s. remember, I'm available for hire if you need some specific help.



a leftover from the Sprinks technology that they bought a few years ago...nice.

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