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Carson gets a new computer (not that you really care).

For years I've advocated buying a Dell (slightly dated post) if you need a new computer. And I stand by that recommendation. They're cheap, and solid, and while far from perfect, they're as good as it gets for a PC. Their support for a while was so abysmal that I just about revoked my recommendation, but recently they've improved dramatically. I'd give then a C+ now instead of an F-.

And a Dell is like a Honda Accord. Solid, reliable, fast enough for what 98% of people do with their computers.

But I'm a bit of a freak, and I wanted a Ferarri. I spend roughly 10hrs/day in front of my computer, and still, lo these 34 years young, I'm a moderately serious gamer (lunch break!). And things have changed dramatically with hardware in the last few years. There's a whole insane high-performance DIY industry that has become mainstream. It's a very fun world for a nerdy boy like me.

Case So last Friday morning it started. Ready to buy a new machine, I swallowed my Mac envy and embarked on a quest to hand pick the very highest performing PC I could for the money. I researched mercilessly for 4 days. My poor wife (and clients). I was a man obsessed, researching every intricate detail down to the chipsets on stuff. Together with my bud Mike we researched and researched. Seriously, it was insane. And an absolute unrestrained blast. I can't think of the last time I've had that much fun. For some, seeing Tiger Woods play the best Tennis game of his career, or Joe Montana hit another home run would be the pinnacle of excitement. For me, this was it.

And on Friday, she'll arrive. A big box full of the wickedest parts imaginable. Next weekend, (hopefully with a bit more balance), I'll start putting everything together.

Here she is in all her garish exorbitant PC glory (as soon as the price drops a bit, I'll slap another 8800GTS 640 in SLI in there).

And for roughly $1,500. I priced out the same machine with some premium computer builders out there and they all come in north of twice that. So at this high end, it was cost effective too.

This is going to be the longest week of my life (and I pity the UPS package tracking web server).