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Retort to "Stuff"

My Mom's response to my "stuff" post:

From Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck

If I seem to be over-interested in junk, it is because I am, and I have a lot of it too - half a garage full of bits and broken pieces. Recently I stopped my car in front of the display of a junk dealer near Sag Harbor. As I was  looking courteously  at the stock, it suddenly occured to me that I had more than he had. But it can be seen that I do have a genuine and mostly miserly interest in worthless objects. My excuse is that in this era of planned obsolescence, when a thing breaks down I can usually find something in my collection  to repair it... a toilet, or a motor, or a lawn mower. But I guess the truth is that I simply like junk.


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